And Coffee Ninja’s best flat white in Newcastle goes to ….


Ok so the time has come to announce coffee ninjas best flat white in Newcastle

Obviously we were not able to visit every place that sells coffee in Newcastle and not everywhere sells a flat white but we have given it a good go

So the winner of the best flat white is flat caps coffee on Ridley place

IMG_0077.JPGSpecial mention also goes to 9bar which was some of the ninjas favourite

IMG_0051.JPGalso to hippo house which we were really surprised with as it was a great coffee

IMG_0084.JPGolive & bean which was the best value flat white and scored really well

IMG_0044-0.JPGHere are the final rankings

IMG_0060.PNG1 – Flat Caps coffee 42.5
2 – 9bar 41.25
3 = Lola’s Coffee, Olive & Bean 40

IMG_0059.PNG5 = Central bean coffee house, Pumphreys 39.5
7 – Harvest Canteen 37.5
8 – Hippo House 36
9 – Pink Lane coffee 35.5

IMG_0058.PNG10 – Intermezzo 29.5
11 – Settledown cafe 29
12 – Cafe Royal 28.25
13 – Blake’s Coffee House 27.75
14 – Starbucks 26
15 – Filmore & Union 25.5
16 – Costa coffee 25.25
17 – Cafe nero express 24.5

IMG_0057.PNG18 – Cafe De Vie 19
19 – Geek Retreat 18.25

IMG_0055.PNG20 – AMT Coffee 8.25

Hopefully you have enjoyed the reviews and we will now be moving on to a new drink and reviewing them with an amended criteria

In the meantime if you want to send any reviews of your flat sites in Newcastle send them to and will will try to get them into the blog at some point

Intermezzo @ pilgrim street Newcastle


IMG_0100.JPGAgain slightly delayed a review of Intermezzo, we were heading to the tyneside cinema cafe bar this day but one of the coffee ninjas went ahead and got the wrong place and already ordered the coffees. This place is a little confusing as you see a sign for tyneside cinema and seats outside but it not actually part of the cinema. Is got the feel of a bar inside

Taste 5/10

Flavour 5/10

Aroma 3.75/9

Temperature 3/3

Appearance 5/6

Consistency 2.25/3

Smoothness 5.5/9

Total 29.5/30

IMG_0058.PNGSo this scores a strong 3 beans on our scale

You will see from the scores that coffee looked good and the temperature was perfect. The taste and flavour was about average and the aroma was a bit lacking. There isn’t a great deal more to say it, was a decent coffee that is probably ahead of a lot of places in Newcastle so if your passing it is probably worth a visit.

Blake’s Coffee house @ Grey Street


IMG_0099.JPGA slight in delay writing this review of Blake’s coffee house, we visited here back in mid December. We all ate food here and they have a great selection. The decor is a little dated, but Blake’s has been here for years and is a bit of an institution in Newcastle.

IMG_0098.JPGAs usual we tried the flat white

Taste 5.5/10

Flavour 5.5/10

Aroma 3/9

Temperature 2/3

Appearance 2.25/3

Consistency 2.5/3

Smoothness 7/10

Total 27.75/50

So this scores a strong 3 beans on our scale

IMG_0058.PNGYou will see from the scores that the coffee was presented well and was pretty smooth, but the taste flavour and aroma was lacking something a bit more special. A couple have us have been back since and tried the special coffee for extra cost and it was much better, but we have always reviewed the standard flat white. So overall this is in he pack with the other average coffees, but if you also want food definitely pay a visit to Blake’s.


Settle down cafe @ Thornton Street


IMG_0090.JPGA slight delay in writing this due to Christmas. So on Thursday 10th December we visited settle down cafe. This is quite different to any of the establishments we have been to so far, the place is quirky and has an ‘alternative’ feel. The staff were friendly

You will see from the scores below how we rated it

Taste 6.5/10

Flavour 6/10

Aroma 5.75/9

Temperature 2.5/3

Appearance 2.5/6

Consistency 2.5/3

Smoothness 5.75/9

Total 29/50

IMG_0058.PNGSo this scores a strong 3 beans on our scale

Overall the flat white had Earthy flavour but had a bit too much milk. Probably too large an amount of coffee/too large a cup as well. This was an average an inoffensive coffee in a quirky place. If your passing call in, but not one to go out of your way for.


Pink Lane coffee @ Pink Lane newcastle


IMG_0089.JPGTuesday 9th December we headed to Pink Lane Coffee in Newcastle. Pink lane has always had favourable reviews and most of coffee ninja have been here before but not as a collective. We were all really looking forward to it and we tried the usual flat white

You will see from the scores below how we rated it

Taste 8/10

Flavour 7.75/10

Aroma 5.25/9

Temperature 2.5/3

Appearance 2.25/6

Consistency 3/6

Smoothness 6.75/9

Total 35.5/50

IMG_0059.PNGSo this scores 4 beans on our scale

The coffee was Sweet, with a strong citrus, acidic and slightly bitter taste, but there was no latte art as we think maybe the person who served us was being trained. We were slightly disappointed as it did not quite have the wow factor that that we are expecting.

Staying with the Christmas theme its like your other half making you a really nice Christmas breakfast, you hear a cork pop and are expecting champagne but you get a nice prosecco instead, it is still lovely but you are left feeling slightly disappointed

Pink lane is still work a visit as they do make good coffee and roast their own bean, so seek them out when you can.


Cafe De Vie @ Saville street Newcastle


IMG_0086.JPGOn Friday 5th December we visited Cafe De Vie on Saville row Newcastle. The cafe was packed and the food looked good but as it was so busy we got our flat whites to take away

You will see from the scores below how we rated it

Taste 3.5/10

Flavour 2.75/10

Aroma 2.75/9

Temperature 1/3

Appearance 2.5/6

Consistency 1.75/3

Smoothness 4.75/9

Total 19/50

IMG_0057.PNGSo this scores 2 beans on our scale

To be honest we were slightly disappointed with the coffee the portion was too large and there was too much milk and froth for a flat white. It was hard to pick up any noticeable flavours in the coffee due to the amount of milk it was also way too hot as well.

Sticking with the Christmas theme it feels like I wrote to Santa asking for a diamond ring but I actually got a cubic zirconia ring

Cafe De Vie has a good reputation and reviews for food but we probably won’t be heading back soon coffee


The Hippo House @ Collingwood Street Newcastle


IMG_0084.JPGThursday 4th December we took a short walk to The Hippo House on Collingwood street Newcastle. This is a coffee/sandwich shop and although we didn’t try the food it looked nice and the selection was great so we will definitely be paying a visit some time soon. Flat white was not on the menu and the girl serving us had to ask her colleague how to make it, so we were not expecting much but we were pleasantly surprised, it also looks like they were serving OCC coffee

You will see from the scores below how we rated it

Taste 7.25/10

Flavour 7.25/10

Aroma 6.25/9

Temperature 2.75/3

Appearance 2.75/6

Consistency 2.75/3

Smoothness 7/9

Total 36/50

IMG_0059.PNGSo this scores 4 beans on our scale

Overall the coffee was a a subtle mix of Floral, sweet and citrus / acidic flavours. There was maybe a touch too much milk, but considering they didn’t know what a flat white was it was very good, you have to give Kudos points to the staff who were friendly and even though it was the first time they made a flat white, they did an awesome job.

As it is getting towards Christmas I would summarise the coffee like going to a pantomime with a load of actors you have not heard of. You go in not expecting much, but they give a great performance and come out having really enjoyed it

Hippo house is not going to win the best flat white in Newcastle but with a bit more practice this genuinely could be in the top couple in the city. Give them a visit when you get a chance.