Intermezzo @ pilgrim street Newcastle


IMG_0100.JPGAgain slightly delayed a review of Intermezzo, we were heading to the tyneside cinema cafe bar this day but one of the coffee ninjas went ahead and got the wrong place and already ordered the coffees. This place is a little confusing as you see a sign for tyneside cinema and seats outside but it not actually part of the cinema. Is got the feel of a bar inside

Taste 5/10

Flavour 5/10

Aroma 3.75/9

Temperature 3/3

Appearance 5/6

Consistency 2.25/3

Smoothness 5.5/9

Total 29.5/30

IMG_0058.PNGSo this scores a strong 3 beans on our scale

You will see from the scores that coffee looked good and the temperature was perfect. The taste and flavour was about average and the aroma was a bit lacking. There isn’t a great deal more to say it, was a decent coffee that is probably ahead of a lot of places in Newcastle so if your passing it is probably worth a visit.

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