Cafe Royal @ Nelson street Newcastle


IMG_0082.JPGTuesday 2nd December we took a trip to Cafe Royal on Nelson street, the building looks really nice from the outside and was pleasant once you got in. The place was packed and there were plenty of staff serving. The cakes looked nice, and as usual we were trying the flat white.

You will see from the scores below how we rated it

Taste 6/10

Flavour 5.5/10

Aroma 4/9

Temperature 2.5/3

Appearance 1.5/6

Consistency 2.5/3

Smoothness 6.25/9

Total 28.25/50

IMG_0058.PNGSo this scores 3 beans on our scale

This was a slightly above average coffee that was pleasant but had little depth to the flavour and not much to really set it apart from the national chains that have been middle of the road. It was also disappointing that there was not any latte art or design on the coffee, we saw other coffees with this on but not ours, so the staff were not consistent when making the coffees

So this is an average Coffee at an reasonable price, call in if your passing by but don’t go out your way