Flat Caps Coffee Ridley place – Is this the best in Newcastle?


IMG_0077.JPGThursday 25th November we took a trip to flat caps coffee on Ridley place. It’s slightly bizarre going into a shop selling dream catchers and fairy things looking for coffee, but the in the search for good coffee these things have to be done. Just inside the Elula shop you go down a spiral staircase and it transforms into a coffee shop. The place a quirky with each table named but is really welcoming

As usual we were reviewing a flat white, but as Joe the owner knows is stuff and likes to serve coffee in a variety of ways so we tried a syphon coffee as well, we tried the Escocia which is a coffee from El Salvador by Has Bean Coffee. Some of us are not really into black coffee but the syphon coffee was really enjoyable. Smooth and crisp and almost tea like, we will definitely try one of these again

IMG_0245.JPGSo for the flat white we tried Nourega again from El Salvador by Has Bean Coffee, the scores were

Taste 8.5/10
Flavour 8/10
Aroma 5.5/9
Temperature 3/3
Appearance (design on top) 6/6
Consistency 3/3
Smoothness 8.5/9

Total 42.5/50

IMG_0060.PNGSo this gets 5 beans on our scale and nudges into the lead by 1.25 points

This is a sweet floral coffee with a hint of bitterness also a nutty earthy flavour. Obviously Joe Freshly ground this and it had the perfect amount of milk and temperature.

So all there is to say about the flat white from Flat Caps, is when you have an award winning barista who is passionate about coffee you know you are going to get a good cup. You go in expecting a Bentley and you come out knowing you have been giving a Bentley.

Seek out Flat Caps Coffee when you get a chance it’s worth it.