Geek retreat @ Grainger street Newcastle


IMG_0074.JPGThursday 20th November we visited geek retreat on Grainger street. This was not on our original list as it was not open when coffee ninja first started, but after walking passed it a few times we thought we would give it a go. This place serves coffee, limited food and snacks, this is also a shop that sells comics and games and if you want there is plenty of space to borrow a game and play while you have your drink. As usual we were reviewing a flat white, which was a slightly expensive £2.90

Taste 4.25/10
Flavour 4.75/10
Aroma 2.75/9
Temperature 2/3
Appearance (design on top) 0.5/6
Consistency 1.5/3
Smoothness 3/9

Total 18.25/50

So this gets 2 beans on our scale

IMG_0057.PNGOverall we thought that the flat white was too milky and the milk was not really frothed and way too big a cup for a flat white. The coffee itself did seem to have some some flavour, but there was too much milk to really appreciate this. It was inoffensive but we thought it was slightly expensive. It possible that some of the staff in the shop or more geek than barista and with a bit training their coffee making skills may improve.

IMG_0075.JPGThe best way would be to compare this is to the game monopoly, the coffee is definitely not the Mayfair, more like Pall mall but paying the Mayfair prices, so probably not the best value for what you get.

If you are a bit of a geek who likes comics or games this place is worth a visit, but based on our visit don’t go out the way for the coffee