The Hippo House @ Collingwood Street Newcastle


IMG_0084.JPGThursday 4th December we took a short walk to The Hippo House on Collingwood street Newcastle. This is a coffee/sandwich shop and although we didn’t try the food it looked nice and the selection was great so we will definitely be paying a visit some time soon. Flat white was not on the menu and the girl serving us had to ask her colleague how to make it, so we were not expecting much but we were pleasantly surprised, it also looks like they were serving OCC coffee

You will see from the scores below how we rated it

Taste 7.25/10

Flavour 7.25/10

Aroma 6.25/9

Temperature 2.75/3

Appearance 2.75/6

Consistency 2.75/3

Smoothness 7/9

Total 36/50

IMG_0059.PNGSo this scores 4 beans on our scale

Overall the coffee was a a subtle mix of Floral, sweet and citrus / acidic flavours. There was maybe a touch too much milk, but considering they didn’t know what a flat white was it was very good, you have to give Kudos points to the staff who were friendly and even though it was the first time they made a flat white, they did an awesome job.

As it is getting towards Christmas I would summarise the coffee like going to a pantomime with a load of actors you have not heard of. You go in not expecting much, but they give a great performance and come out having really enjoyed it

Hippo house is not going to win the best flat white in Newcastle but with a bit more practice this genuinely could be in the top couple in the city. Give them a visit when you get a chance.


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