Settle down cafe @ Thornton Street


IMG_0090.JPGA slight delay in writing this due to Christmas. So on Thursday 10th December we visited settle down cafe. This is quite different to any of the establishments we have been to so far, the place is quirky and has an ‘alternative’ feel. The staff were friendly

You will see from the scores below how we rated it

Taste 6.5/10

Flavour 6/10

Aroma 5.75/9

Temperature 2.5/3

Appearance 2.5/6

Consistency 2.5/3

Smoothness 5.75/9

Total 29/50

IMG_0058.PNGSo this scores a strong 3 beans on our scale

Overall the flat white had Earthy flavour but had a bit too much milk. Probably too large an amount of coffee/too large a cup as well. This was an average an inoffensive coffee in a quirky place. If your passing call in, but not one to go out of your way for.


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