Cafe De Vie @ Saville street Newcastle


IMG_0086.JPGOn Friday 5th December we visited Cafe De Vie on Saville row Newcastle. The cafe was packed and the food looked good but as it was so busy we got our flat whites to take away

You will see from the scores below how we rated it

Taste 3.5/10

Flavour 2.75/10

Aroma 2.75/9

Temperature 1/3

Appearance 2.5/6

Consistency 1.75/3

Smoothness 4.75/9

Total 19/50

IMG_0057.PNGSo this scores 2 beans on our scale

To be honest we were slightly disappointed with the coffee the portion was too large and there was too much milk and froth for a flat white. It was hard to pick up any noticeable flavours in the coffee due to the amount of milk it was also way too hot as well.

Sticking with the Christmas theme it feels like I wrote to Santa asking for a diamond ring but I actually got a cubic zirconia ring

Cafe De Vie has a good reputation and reviews for food but we probably won’t be heading back soon coffee


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