And Coffee Ninja’s best flat white in Newcastle goes to ….


Ok so the time has come to announce coffee ninjas best flat white in Newcastle

Obviously we were not able to visit every place that sells coffee in Newcastle and not everywhere sells a flat white but we have given it a good go

So the winner of the best flat white is flat caps coffee on Ridley place

IMG_0077.JPGSpecial mention also goes to 9bar which was some of the ninjas favourite

IMG_0051.JPGalso to hippo house which we were really surprised with as it was a great coffee

IMG_0084.JPGolive & bean which was the best value flat white and scored really well

IMG_0044-0.JPGHere are the final rankings

IMG_0060.PNG1 – Flat Caps coffee 42.5
2 – 9bar 41.25
3 = Lola’s Coffee, Olive & Bean 40

IMG_0059.PNG5 = Central bean coffee house, Pumphreys 39.5
7 – Harvest Canteen 37.5
8 – Hippo House 36
9 – Pink Lane coffee 35.5

IMG_0058.PNG10 – Intermezzo 29.5
11 – Settledown cafe 29
12 – Cafe Royal 28.25
13 – Blake’s Coffee House 27.75
14 – Starbucks 26
15 – Filmore & Union 25.5
16 – Costa coffee 25.25
17 – Cafe nero express 24.5

IMG_0057.PNG18 – Cafe De Vie 19
19 – Geek Retreat 18.25

IMG_0055.PNG20 – AMT Coffee 8.25

Hopefully you have enjoyed the reviews and we will now be moving on to a new drink and reviewing them with an amended criteria

In the meantime if you want to send any reviews of your flat sites in Newcastle send them to and will will try to get them into the blog at some point

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