Coffee Ninja the ratings so far


Based on the bean and £ criteria recently added I thought I would summarise the places that we have visited and reviewed so far for flat whites


9bar Coffee Grey street 41.25 out of 50
Lola’s Coffee @ central station 40 out of 50
Olive & Bean 40 out of 50
Central Bean Coffee House Newcastle 39.5 out of 50
Pumphrey’s @ Grainger market 39.5 out of 50


Harvest canteen – OCC Jesmond 37.5 out of 50


Starbucks Neville street 26 out of 50
Filmore & Union @ central station 25.5 out of 50
Costa @ central station 25.25 out of 50
Caffe Nero express @ central station 24.5 out of 50

Olive & Bean £1.69
Lola’s Coffee @ central station £2.00

Caffe Nero express @ central station £2.25
Central Bean Coffee House Newcastle £2.25

Pumphreys @ Grainger market £2.30
Costa @ central station £2.40
Filmore & Union @ central station £2.50

9Bar Coffee £2.70


Founders meeting @ Starbucks Neville street Newcastle



Ok so it’s a few days delayed but we had our founders meeting at Starbucks Neville street on Thursday 16th October, four of our five members came and we were able to decide on how we would rate the coffee and the establishments

For coffee we will be rating

Taste, Flavour, Aroma, Temperature, Appearance, Consistency and Smoothness

We will also be rating other aspects of the shop such staff and so on but for Starbucks we just rated the coffee

We have drawn up a list of 20+ places and we will initially be reviewing flat whites

So to the ratings for Starbucks flat white

The average marks were as follows

Taste 5.5/10
Flavour 3/10
Aroma 2.5/9
Temp 2/3
Appearance 5/6
Consistency 2/3
Smoothness 6/9

Total 26 out of 50

Overall we thought that the coffee looked good and was presented well it was smooth and was pretty much the right temperature to drink straight away. But we thought that the coffee was average and didn’t have a great deal of flavour and no real aroma

So fine if you want a quick coffee, but not if you are looking for something a bit different