Coffee Ninja the ratings so far


Based on the bean and £ criteria recently added I thought I would summarise the places that we have visited and reviewed so far for flat whites


9bar Coffee Grey street 41.25 out of 50
Lola’s Coffee @ central station 40 out of 50
Olive & Bean 40 out of 50
Central Bean Coffee House Newcastle 39.5 out of 50
Pumphrey’s @ Grainger market 39.5 out of 50


Harvest canteen – OCC Jesmond 37.5 out of 50


Starbucks Neville street 26 out of 50
Filmore & Union @ central station 25.5 out of 50
Costa @ central station 25.25 out of 50
Caffe Nero express @ central station 24.5 out of 50

Olive & Bean £1.69
Lola’s Coffee @ central station £2.00

Caffe Nero express @ central station £2.25
Central Bean Coffee House Newcastle £2.25

Pumphreys @ Grainger market £2.30
Costa @ central station £2.40
Filmore & Union @ central station £2.50

9Bar Coffee £2.70


Olive & Bean is up with the best so far



We visited Olive & Bean on Monday 27th, this place is on Clayton street near the entrance to Eldon square. We got a take out today as there was a wait for a table. But we can understand why, the cakes and food looked amazing. We will be definitely be paying a visit again to try one

The staff were friendly and helpful and the surroundings were pleasant.

We continued with trying flat whites and at £1.69 it was as absolute bargain

So our scores for Olive & Bean can be found below

Taste 9/10
Flavour 8/10
Aroma 8/9
Temperature 2/3
Appearance (design on top) 3/6
Consistency 3/3
Smoothness/crema 7/10

Total 40/50

Overall we thought that the coffee was earthy, nutty and slightly citrus and floral. It had just the right amount of milk I and was a good consistency although we thought it was slightly too hot, but not enough to spoil the flavours and it cooled quickly when we went outside. The is definitely up the best flat whites in Newcastle that we have tried so far

The only way to describe this is coffee like flying in business class knowing you have only paid economy seat prices. There is still room to improve to first class but it’s on its way there.