Coffee Ninja the ratings so far


Based on the bean and £ criteria recently added I thought I would summarise the places that we have visited and reviewed so far for flat whites


9bar Coffee Grey street 41.25 out of 50
Lola’s Coffee @ central station 40 out of 50
Olive & Bean 40 out of 50
Central Bean Coffee House Newcastle 39.5 out of 50
Pumphrey’s @ Grainger market 39.5 out of 50


Harvest canteen – OCC Jesmond 37.5 out of 50


Starbucks Neville street 26 out of 50
Filmore & Union @ central station 25.5 out of 50
Costa @ central station 25.25 out of 50
Caffe Nero express @ central station 24.5 out of 50

Olive & Bean £1.69
Lola’s Coffee @ central station £2.00

Caffe Nero express @ central station £2.25
Central Bean Coffee House Newcastle £2.25

Pumphreys @ Grainger market £2.30
Costa @ central station £2.40
Filmore & Union @ central station £2.50

9Bar Coffee £2.70


Coffee bar at Science Bar Central Station



Ok so this is another review from Thursday 16th October.

A new coffee bar has popped up just outside central station out the front of science bar. When we spoke to the guys there they had not decided on a name but we now believe that they are associated with Flat caps coffee on Ridley place

These guys certainly must love coffee as they were standing outside in the rain on the day we went for our flat white they even had a gazebo out front for us to stand under while we waited, at £2.00 we thought that was good value too. They were serving a blend from the Speciality Coffee co when we visited

So our review is below

Taste 8/10
Flavour 9/10
Aroma 7/9
Temperature 2/3
Appearance 5.5/6
Consistency 2/3
Smoothness 6.5/9

Total 40/50

So as you can see a pretty good score

We thought the coffee was very sweet with a caramel and brown sugary taste and a bit floral. We all agreed that the coffee was great and definitely worth a try but maybe not something we could drink every day. You certainly won’t need any sugar in this coffee as it has it’s own natural sweetness

The guys there seem to be really passionate about their venture and know their stuff about coffee so it is definitely worth a visit when you are passing by

Good look with the new coffee bar and we look forward to trying another coffee sometime soon