AMT Coffee @ Central station Newcastle


18th November we took another trip to central station to go to one of the remaining coffee outlets that we have not been to. This time it was to visit AMT which is on the main concourse in the station. As mentioned in previous reviews of central station it looks great now that they have done some redevelopment. AMT do not advertise a flat white on the board, but this is standard for most places that serve coffee, we asked and they said yes they can do one. Unfortunately that is where the positives end

You will see from the scores below how we rated the flat white

Taste 1.5/10

Flavour 1.5/10

Aroma 2/9

Temperature 0/3

Appearance 0.5/6

Consistency 0.75/3

Smoothness 2/10

Total 8.25/50

So this scores 1 bean on our scale


As you can see we thought that this was a really poor flat white, far and away the worst we have tried so far. The main comments were that it had a burnt woody taste with few redeeming points. The milk was far far too hot, one of the ninja’s ended up with a burned lip, An other had a skin form on the top of the coffee/milk, I can’t say I have ever seen this on a coffee. The milk also tasted burnt

The only positive point we could find was that the disposable cups were really good and insulated as the cup did not feel too hot despite the heat of the coffee.

To summarise I would say this coffee is like a second hand car that looks good from the outside, but once you get it home you realise that the whole underside is rusty and the engine in shot, only one place for the car and that’s the scrap yard.

AMT’s philosophy is ‘the real coffee connoisseurs know that whenever they see the original, distinctive, AMT coffee bar, they will be served the best coffee in the UK’ unfortunately on this occasion they did not deliver.

* Disclaimer – coffee ninja set out to find the best flat white in Newcastle, we are here to inform and advise, but recommend people make up their own mind. We are reviewing based on our opinion as a group and it is only our opinion. This was reviewed at the Newcastle branch in central station and no other store .


Coffee ninja visit to Harvest Canteen – OCC



Saturday 1st November we had a family coffee ninja visit to harvest which is the OCC (Ouseburn Coffee Company) canteen in Jesmond. OCC are an artisan roastery established in 2012 and recently opened harvest to sell its coffee. The canteen itself has not been open very long and is pretty minimalistic so is spacious inside, but some of the ‘picnic’ tables are not very sturdy and there are the some random expensive looking furniture items around the outer walls at the back of the seating area.

As this was a weekend we invited our partners, wives and children so in total there were 10 of us 8 adults a toddler and a baby. We all ordered food at various times and to be honest the staff seemed very stressed and not very welcoming or friendly. It was as if it was an effort to serve us. I would say that the place was not really child or disabled friendly either.

We all had some food or other,ma number of us had poached eggs which were pretty good but the service was slow, and again when our food arrived no smile or polite conversation

As we have done with all of the other places so far we tried and scored a flat white so the results are below

Taste 7.5/10
Flavour 6/10
Aroma 6.5/9
Temperature 2.5/3
Appearance (design on top) 5/6
Consistency 2.5/3
Smoothness 7.5/9

Total 37.5/50

In summary the flat white was Floral and citrusy and slightly like caramel but there was not much aroma. A good and pleasant flat white

So overall this coffee is pretty good but not quite up there with the best we have tried. It’s like a decent German car claiming to be a BMW but not quite hitting the mark, and when you complain to the salesman he is no longer interested as he already got the sale.