Pink Lane coffee @ Pink Lane newcastle


IMG_0089.JPGTuesday 9th December we headed to Pink Lane Coffee in Newcastle. Pink lane has always had favourable reviews and most of coffee ninja have been here before but not as a collective. We were all really looking forward to it and we tried the usual flat white

You will see from the scores below how we rated it

Taste 8/10

Flavour 7.75/10

Aroma 5.25/9

Temperature 2.5/3

Appearance 2.25/6

Consistency 3/6

Smoothness 6.75/9

Total 35.5/50

IMG_0059.PNGSo this scores 4 beans on our scale

The coffee was Sweet, with a strong citrus, acidic and slightly bitter taste, but there was no latte art as we think maybe the person who served us was being trained. We were slightly disappointed as it did not quite have the wow factor that that we are expecting.

Staying with the Christmas theme its like your other half making you a really nice Christmas breakfast, you hear a cork pop and are expecting champagne but you get a nice prosecco instead, it is still lovely but you are left feeling slightly disappointed

Pink lane is still work a visit as they do make good coffee and roast their own bean, so seek them out when you can.


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