The ratings for the coffee and price


Ok so this is not a review but it is how we will be adding to our ratings going forward.

Obviously we be will rating the coffee using beans rather than stars. It will use the totals that we give in our review

So these are the ratings for the coffee are below

0 – 9 This is barely coffee, instant may be better

10 – 19 This is below average, there is better coffee out there

20 – 29 This is average, this will give you the coffee fix if your passing and is ok but don’t go out your way

30 – 39 This is a decent coffee, seek out this place if you get a chance

40 – 50 This is an excellent coffee, go out your way to try this place and you won’t be disappointed

We have also rated the coffee based on price, the ratings are based on the prices in the Newcastle area.

£ – Less than £2.00 The cheapest you will find
££ – £2.01 – £2.25 Good value
£££ – £2.26 – £2.50 Average
££££ – £2.51 – £2.75 Slightly expensive
£££££ – More than £2.76 Most expensive you will find

You can use the bean rating in conjunction with the £ rating to give an overall judgement of the coffee. So for example if the price is £2.80 but has a rating of 5 beans is still probably worth a try

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